GTA slo-pitch
Updated April 8, 2020 is a directory of slo-pitch leagues, teams and tournaments in the greater Toronto /Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario, Canada including: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Niagara Falls, etc. with maps to all softball diamonds in the GTA; Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton; from Ajax to the Falls!

Looking forward to a great 2020 season!

Slo-pitch, slow pitch or softball, no matter how you spell it, it's a great game!

Updated April 8, 2020

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RSPA COVID-19 UPDATE - April 8, 2020

The Covid-19 virus is not going away anytime soon. The City of Toronto has cancelled all permits up to and including June 28 and the City of Mississauga up to July 3. So at best, we are looking at half a season and I won't be surprised if there are further cancellations.
However, we have to believe that at some point we will be allowed to congregate, we will be allowed to participate, and we will be allowed to get on with our lives. But we must face the fact that our lives will be different from this point forward. So many people will be facing uncertain times with a different if not bleak financial situation. So many jobs, so many companies, so many dreams will need to be reimagined. But then again, that is a reason that we will need slo-pitch.

The most important thing is BE SAFE for yourself and the people around you.
FIRST PRIORITY: Our first priority is the safety of all the league members. Our next priority is the continued success of the league.
LEAGUE FEES: NO IDEA. We will try to reduce league fees as much as possible and offer delayed payments in order to ease the financial burden on the team reps and the players. I know that many teams will lose players due to financial constraints. And I know that many company sponsored teams will lose their sponsorship and I would like to work with them to see their continued registration.
The first RSPA league meeting will be scheduled for a Tuesday night sometime in JUNE (hopefully and not too optimistically).
The second and final RSPA meeting will be scheduled a week later on the following Tuesday night, with the season schedule starting sometime early in JULY.
Both meetings will be drop-in style, anytime from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm at The Irish Shebeen Pub, 5555 Eglinton Ave. W., Etobicoke.
If the virus is still active, we will take every precaution to limit possible exposure. It will be more important than ever to support not only our sponsor Irish Shebeen, but all local businesses and businesses that support and sponsor RSPA league.
TOURNAMENT: There is an RSPA tournament scheduled for the weekend July 4-5 and IF the permits aren't cancelled and IF the teams are ready to play and IF nothing else happens I am hoping that everbody will be eager to get out.
RSPA SEASON: Please do not ask questions about lost games and making up lost games. We will look at all the options to offer as many games as possible - extending the season, more double-headers, more Friday make-up games, Monday long weekend games for Monday teams, etc.
Decisions for RSPA open practices will be made at a later date, and may be made on a week-to-week basis.
RSPA/SPN UMPIRE CLINIC: All SPN umpire clinics have been cancelled and the RSPA/SPN umpire clinic will be rescheduled to a later date, tentatively Wednesday, JUNE 24 at Diamond Beach. RSPA needs SPN carded umpires for recreational coed slo-pitch league. We will train and card. You will be eligible to umpire any SPN league or tournament. RSPA pays: $45 single game; $70/$80 double-header; $100 3-gamer 6:30-11:00 pm. Get out get some exercise, have some fun and earn some extra cash.

Looking forward to a season where the only Corona is in a cold bottle!
Randy Warren, President, RSPA.

RSPA Coed (7M-3F) Slo-Pitch League looking for new teams 2020!

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RSPA Coed (7M-3F) slo-pitch league Mississauga, west Toronto-Etobicoke area looking for new teams/players for the 2020 season, RSPA is the largest coed league in the GTA with 180 teams in 26 divisions for 2019 and ALL the teams make the playoffs! RSPA offers the most coed divisions of any league, with divisions in SPN Coed C/D level, with several different levels of Coed "E", Coed "F" and a "Corporate/ Fun" division for corporate teams. We are SPN affiliated, fully insured and use SPN carded umpires. A great league, with lots of other activites — Volleyball Night; All-Star Night with home run, base running, throwing and other contests and FREE barbecue, and the BEST banquet in town!
Contact Randy Warren, --
Looking for new teams and new players for the 2020 season!

Scarborough Slo-Pitch Leagues looking for new teams for 2020

Beaches Inter-Church Slo-Pitch League, Toronto Beaches League, Beaches Pub League & Scarborough Mixed Restaurant Slo-Pitch League are all looking for new teams for 2020!
Mens, Womens & Coed slo-pitch; all levels of play.

Contact: Greg Hale - e-mail ;

WMSPL looking for new teams!

baseball player gif
The Woodbridge Men's Slo-Pitch league
is looking to expand for the 2020 season.
Looking for Mens D or Mens C teams.
Tuesday and Thursday nights 8:15 pm
at Vaughan Grove Sports Plex.

Contact: Marty Chefero

SPN New Rules for 2020 /2020 Rulebook
now available

Updated January 20, 2020
2020 Slo-Pitch National Official Slo-Pitch Rule Book in PDF now available at: 2020 Slo-Pitch National Official Slo-Pitch Rule Book

Rulebook Changes:
Rule 2 Sec. 6: All players may wear a glove or mitt of any size, including a “trapper” style glove.
Rule 2 Sec. 9A, STG&OR Sec. 8 A: All those participating in a game shall wear the adopted TEAM UNIFORM, and must wear shoes, and shall wear properly. Manager/Coach or team representative when on the field, shall wear the adopted full uniform, shoes and if appropriate, jacket, which should include the teams emblem or similar attire that matches the colour code of the team, which can will readily identify them as a member of the team.
Effect: Sec. 9 A: Manager/Coach or team representative shall be asked to dress properly. If they refuse they will be removed until they are dressed in accordance with the team uniform. Protest is not allowed for the uniform rule.
STG&OR Sec. 1 F: Any Manager/Coach or team representative or player who is ejected from a game by an umpire for unsportsmanlike conduct shall automatically be suspended for his or her next schedule game. If the ejected person is registered to participate on more than one team, they may not participate for any other team until they have served their automatic suspension. His/ her actions will be reviewed by the tournament committee for further possible penalties or sanctions. Ejections which are not considered unsportsmanlike conduct, the automatic suspension for his or her next scheduled game will not apply.
SPN Policy Changes:
STG&OR Sec. 2 A Example: A player MAY compete, on one Masters division 35+ team, one Seniors division 50+ team, one COED team and one single sex (Men’s or Woman’s) team in the same sanctioned event, if registered as per (i) above. Example: A player may not compete in single sex (Men’s/ Woman’s) “A” and “C” nor may a player compete in Coed “B” and in Coed “E”. A Senior player may compete on one team in 50+, 60+ and 65+ in the same sanctioned event.
STG&OR Sec. 10: Manager/Coach or team representative are responsible for ensuring the final scores once posted are correct. Manager/Coach or team representative of both teams must verify that the score on the home team’s official scoresheet is properly submitted. Any discrepancies in scores must be brought to the attention of the tournament convener immediately.
Official SPN web site: 2020 Slo-Pitch National Rulebook and Policy Changes

SPN/RSPA Slo-Pitch Umpire Clinic 2020
REVISED - Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 6:00 pm

RSPA needs SPN carded umpires for recreational adult coed slo-pitch league. We will train and card.
SPN sanctioned Umpire Clinic REVISED TO Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 6:00 pm
At: Diamond Beach, Etobicoke, 575 Centennial Park Blvd., Etobicoke Ontario, M9C 5M3 — map
You will become a fully sanctioned SPN umpire, eligible to umpire any SPN league or tournament in Canada.
Clinic cost is $110 and includes: SPN umpire card, rulebook, hat, instruction clinic and umpire test.
If you have already written the SPN test you may attend the RSPA umpire clinic for free.
If you attend the RSPA umpire clinic, we will guarantee umpire bookings of at least double your clinic cost
    (we cannot guarantee parks or nights).
RSPA is an adult recreational, coed league, with parks in Mississauga-Etobicoke, Monday to Friday, weekend tournaments available.
Contact Randy Warren,

RSPA 2020 Summer Slo-Pitch Tournaments

SPN Provincial & National Qualifiers - First place hoodies!

May 2-3, June 13-14, July 4-5, July 18-19, August 22-23, October 3-4, 2020

Coed (6M-4F) D, E, F • Mens D, E • Mens Masters 35+ and 50+.
Guaranteed 4 scheduled games all divisions (except Coed F).

Etobicoke-Mississauga - Headquarters: Irish Shebeen Pub
5555 Eglinton Ave. W., Etobicoke ON M9C 5M1 — map

Tournament Flyer       Tournament Entry Form       Tournament Frequently Asked Questions
Randy Warren — e-mail preferred: • Cell 416-930-6124     • Entry Fee $350.00

• Team Rep Appreciation Gift & Appreciation Draw • Team Draws • Free Pitcher •

Largest Coed Slo-Pitch Tournament
SPN Provincial Championships 2020

SPN Provincial Championship dates/sites for 2020

SPN Provincial Championship dates/sites for 2020.
Coed in GTA in Brampton. Added Coed F. Added Mens 60+ and Womens 50+.
Sept 5-6-7, Brampton: Coed Comp, Coed C, Coed D, Coed E, Coed F* (must be registered league team).
September 11-12-13, NF: Masters Mens 35 Comp, 35C, 35D, 35E • Mens 50 Comp, 50IM, 50E,
• Womens 35 Comp, 35IM, 35E.
September 18-19-20, NF: Mens C, Mens D • Womens D, Womens E.
Sept 25-26-27, NF: Mens A, Mens B, Mens E • Mens 60IM, Mens 60E
• Womens A, Womens B, Womens C, Womens Masters 50+.
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SPN National Championship sites for 2020

Updated November 9, 2018
SPN National Championship sites announced for 2020. Brampton gets Coed and Mens & Womens Masters.
This is not an official Slo-Pitch National web page. Slo-Pitch National web site - click here

SPN National Championships

Mens A Orillia, ON
Mens B Brampton, ON
Mens C Calgary, AB
Mens D Winnipeg, MB
Mens E Calgary, AB
Mens 35 Comp Calgary, AB
Mens 35 C Brampton, ON
Mens 35 D Brampton, ON
Mens 35 E Winnipeg, MB

Mens 50 A Brampton, ON
Men 50 IM Brampton, ON
Mens 50 E Brampton, ON
Mens 60 Calgary, AB
Womens A Orillia, ON
Womens B Calgary, AB
Womens C Winnipeg, MB
Womens D Calgary, AB
Womens E Winnipeg, MB

Womens 35 Brampton, ON
Coed Comp Brampton, ON
Coed C Brampton, ON
Coed D Brampton, ON
Coed E Brampton, ON
Coed Comp SS Kelowna, BC
Coed C SS Kelowna, BC
Coed D SS Kelowna, BC
Coed E SS Kelowna, BC

RSPA 2019 Slo-Pitch Tournaments

We had great fun with the RSPA slo-pitch tournaments in 2019 even though the weather did not always cooperate.
The May tournament was completely rained out and the city cancelled the permits before it even started.
August tournament with 60 teams started out in the rain and mud and finished up on Sunday with a great day for ball!
Tournaments in June and two tournaments in July and two tournaments in September had great weather. And rain or shine it was always a great party after the tournament at the Irish Shebeen Pub with karaoke from Sharon and
Here are some of the pictures from the 2019 RSPA slo-pitch tournaments.

SPN Bat Rules in Effect

Updated December 11, 2017
Slo-Pitch National recognizes and accepts ONLY the USSSA authorized bats
for use in the SPN program. --
All SPN approved bats must carry the USSSA stamp for use in the SPN Program.
Note: Local leagues have the ability to set their own bat policies.
Note: This rule is NOT in effect for RSPA Coed Slo-Pitch.
SPN 2019 Rulebook available online. (SPN 2020 Rulebook coming soon).
asa usssa
blue line

RSPA Recreational Slo-Pitch Association
is a non-profit, recreational, coed (7M-3F) slo-pitch league for adults (16+/18+) in the Mississauga and west Toronto/Etobicoke area. RSPA is in its 38th year and is the largest coed league in the GTA with 180 teams in 26 divisions for 2019 and ALL the teams make the playoffs! RSPA offers the most coed divisions of any league, with divisions in "Comp", several different levels of "E", Coed "F" and a "Corporate/Fun" division for corporate teams. We are SPN affiliated, fully insured and use SPN carded umpires. A great league, with lots of other activites — All-Star Night with home run, base running and other contests and FREE barbecue, and the BEST banquet in town!
Looking for new teams and new players for 2020! - -

RSPA Slo-Pitch Tournaments

May 4-5, Jun 8-9, July 6-7, July 20-21
August 17-18, Sept 14-15, Sept 21-22
Coed (6M-4F) D, E, F; Mens D, E
Mens 35+, 50+ for May 5-6 only.

SPN National & Provincial Qualifiers
Flyer       Entry Form       F.A.Q.
Map of all GTA
Slo-Pitch Parks and Diamonds

Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton, Scarborough, Markham, Niagara Falls, Acton, Ajax, Burlington, Milton, Oshawa, Pickering, Georgetown, Tottenham, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Whitby, etc.
GTA Park Maps
SPN Toronto area slo-pitch tournaments

SPN Toronto area slo-pitch tournament list.
Provincial Championship dates.
National Championship sites.

Toronto area slo-pitch tournaments
What's New With SPN
- 2019 SPN Rule changes.
- 2020 National Championship sites
- SPN Ontario 175 foot rule.
- Coming soon ...
- 2020 SPN Rule changes.
- 2020 Tournament Awards.
- Can-Am Niagara Tournament.
What's New With SPN
Kahunaverse Sports
(formerly Home Run Sports)
All your sporting needs.
1855 Dundas St East, Unit 15-16, Mississauga, ON L4X 1M1
CSPL Centennial Slo-Pitch

Mens & Coed
All levels of slo-pitch
Irish Shebeen Pub

5555 Eglinton Avenue West,
Etobicoke ON M9C 5M1
(south side at Satellite Drive;
Etobicoke-Mississauga border)
Irish Shebeen map
Slo-Pitch National

Official Slo-Pitch National web site.